Types of Paintball

We offer 2 types of paintball

We have Paintball for everyone!

We have paintball for everyone age 7 and up. Whether you’re an experienced player or it is your first time to play paintball, we have a game for you! Paintball Is Good offers two different types of paintball. Check them out below and call us if you need help deciding which type of paintball is best for you!

Traditional Paintball

A traditional paintball is a .68 caliber ball. While it does not hurt much if you are more than 100 feet away, it can sting a little if you are closer. The minimum age to play this type of paintball is 10 years old. As a parent, you have to decide when they are ready to play traditional paintball. If your child is 12 or less, we strongly recommend they try the low impact paintball game first. We do not want any kids to play traditional paintball, get hit by the ball and never want to play again. While this isn’t the norm, some kids (and adults) don’t like paintball because they got hit at too close of a distance or played somewhere where the guns’ velocity wasn’t checked properly. But, we ensure that scenarios like this do not happen at Paintball Is Good. We want everyone to LOVE paintball!

Low Impact Paintball

We recommend low impact paintball for kids 7- and up or anyone who is new to paintball. The only difference between low impact paintball and traditional paintball is the size of the paintball itself. Low impact paintballs are smaller than a normal .68 caliber paintball. By low impact being a third of the size that means its a third of the impact! A low impact paintball will travel almost as far as a .68 caliber paintball, but since it’s a lot smaller, so is the impact! All the fun of traditional paintball with way less sting!