Paintball Bachelor Parties

Now we get to see who really is the best man!

Bachelor Parties are a blast at PIG

Bachelor paintball parties are extremely popular. The guys love the unique combination of camaraderie and competition that only paintball can bring.
Let’s face it guys, there are some traditional bachelor party ideas that just are not a good choice anymore. No sense starting off the relationship with an upset bride!

During our Normal Schedule

(No Minimums)

If you want your bachelor party during our normal hours, you can book in as many or as few players as you wish. Just book any of our packages by clicking the Book Now button at the top of every page.

Need Special Scheduling For Your Party?

We can handle that, too. We can schedule private play outside of our normal hours if you want to play paintball before other customers show up. Just book a private, off hours event.

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Can we bring alcohol to your Paintball field?

Sorry... no.

For some silly reason, our insurance company thinks that beer and guns are not a good combination.  So we ask that you save your drinking until after you are done with paintball and leave the facility.  Besides, the last thing you want when going up against your buds in combat is to have slow reflexes! So, let’s do paintball before any drinking.