Paintball Birthday Parties

in Central Alabama

Birthday Parties like no other

Feel free to bring in your own food, cake, etc for your paintball birthday party! If you are in charge of coming up with a special birthday event for someone, imagine their excitement and surprise when you arrive at our paintball fields! And with our different gun options, we can accommodate ages from 7 on up! Everyone loves paintball birthday parties!

Bring your own Cake or Cupcakes

to your Paintball Birthday Party in Central Alabama at PIG!

You will love how flexible our paintball parties are! You be YOU! Bring in your own food, order in pizza, decorate your table. It’s your paintball birthday party and we want you to have a great time! So, feel free to just come play, or bring food and decorations for the special day.

Paintball is Good (PIG) Reviews

Best day ever! Our guide was top notch! Noah had the best birthday! Thanks for everything. Definitely coming back!
Paintball is Good is a great place to have gatherings, birthday parties or just come out with a couple of friends and have fun. Great friendly staff, very safe and clean environment.
C. Powers
I had my son's 16th birthday party here... our group had a great time.. all the workers were wonderful and helpful.. will definitely be going back.