Nerf Wars

and nerf battles in alabama

How our Nerf Parties Work

Nerf Parties at PIG are private events. It’s just $25 per child with a 10 person minimum and that includes up to 1.5 hours of play, use of our nerf equipment and unlimited ammo. Plus one of our dedicated Nerf Host Specialists will run the games for your kids and keep them involved! It lets the inner warrior out… have the kids put down the video games and try some real running around. They (and you) will love it!

If you have some kids too young for paintball

Try a Nerf Party!

Even though we do have low impact paintball options, some kids feel that they are just not ready for paintball yet. That’s Fine! And they don’t have to be left out. We can run a Nerf party for their event – be it birthday, school event, church outing. Any reason for a paintball event could also be a great Nerf event. Especially if you want to bring the young ones – 5 and up.

Use Your Equipment or Ours

We have Nerf equipment you can use

Our gear uses standard size nerf darts, and you are more than welcome to use our equipment. Standard nerf guns are mechanical, and you cock them which cocks a spring for each shoot.

Your kids have their own guns? Bring it!

As long as their equipment uses the standard size darts they can use it if it’s ok with the host. Some limit it to no rapid fire guns – but it’s youre event, you decide.