Paintball is more than good! Paintball is Great!

About 30 miles South of Birmingham and up the road from Tuscaloosa you will find PIG Paintball. The Acronym for Paintball Is Good is PIG! At PIG, it’s more than good… it’s Great! PIG Paintball has a huge variety of fields. Weave in and out between the building in Firetown, sneak through the foliage of the Congo, be wary of surprise ambushes at Fort Apache, and one of everyone’s favorites, defend the Castle in our two-story Castle Field. Of course, if your paintball tastes run a bit toward the tournament style of play, you will love our Speedball and Airball fields.
Paintball player at birthday party in Alabama

What is your reason for a paintball party?

Paintball Options for All Ages


PIG Paintball Story

PIG is based at one of the oldest and largest paintball parks in the state of Alabama. We cater to all levels of experience, offering both “low-impact” rental guns, as well as standard .68 caliber rentals. Whether you are looking to have a fun weekend with family and friends or are interested in the tournament side of the sport, we have the community and facilities to fit your needs!

Paintball Team building

Paintball is an unmatched team building exercise for those seeking to improve moral, communication, and team relationships of their staff or co-workers. Give us a call and make your appointment today! Have you been interested in checking out paintball for team building? Give us a call! We’d love to have you join us!